Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What If... The Sun Has Feelings?

The following is a fictional “article”—one wonders, however, if the fields of biophysics and astrophysics evolve at their present pace, whether it might not one day be true…


Editors at the prestigious scientific journal Insight made a startling discovery today, when two papers they were about to publish from divergent fields overlapped in their findings.

Neuroscientists at UCLA had used Cranial Telemetry to measure brain waves of thoughts as they passed through synapses between neurons in the prefrontal cortex in the temporal lobe of the brain to a sensitivity never before attained, and come upon a wavelength in the electromagnetic spectrum never before discovered—a higher frequency and shorter wavelength than even gamma rays--and simulating light in its combined wave/particle structure.

The lead scientist had named the new waveform Prometheus wave radiation and published its frequency at far less than even gamma rays. Gamma rays have a (wavelength) nanometer of .01 and a frequency of 3 x 109 Hz; the new wave found in the brain was measured at 0.001 nm 8 x 1011 Hz.

What is even more startling is that at the same time that the Cranial Telemetry findings were submitted to Insight, astrophysicists at the M.S. Observatorio Nacional in Brazil used a refined version to create an ultra sensitive Gamma Ray Spectrometer, and discovered a new level of radiation on the Sun at the same wavelength and frequency: 0.001 nm 8 x 1011 Hz. They named their new discovery Copernican radiation and also submitted their findings to Insight, which is the only way that the connection became apparent.

While the lead scientists from the two disparate laboratories had not communicated, as they were in far different disciplines, the synchronicity of the two discoveries startled the editors at Insight and a conference is planned online to discuss the relative similarities and perhaps differences in the two waves.

However, since the prefrontal cortex is the “executive” function of the brain, regulating emotion and thought, is it now fair to wonder, what is the Sun thinking (or feeling)?

After all, the Sun provides the executive function for our Solar System.