Friday, November 30, 2007

A New Low in Customer Disservice?

Can it really get any worse? After not calling to confirm my appointment and showing up over an hour late, my satellite installer wanted me to sign off on a glowing evaluation, making it look like I was just signing a delivery confirmation. I opted out.

But the kicker was the next morning when I received an automated phone call from the company in which a computerized voice told me of their commitment to excellent service, and that if my service was not perfect in any way, to push "1" so that I could talk to what was supposedly their very concerned customer service rep.

I decided what the hell, and pushed "1", only to be put on hold for tech support...

Thanks but no thanks. That's like being told how important my call is before being put on hold, or that my wait is due to extraordinarily high call volume, which of course, is the normal call volume because it happens every freaking time - and then being put on hold.

Or being put on hold for a supervisor who amazingly never picks up.

I would like to find a company that tells it like it is: "We don't give a shit - if you get what you need count yourself lucky."

Their mission statement should read: We're in it to make money. That's a company I would trust because they actually tell the truth about something.

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